2018 NJSA Women’s State Cup: Aztecs vs. Meadowlands FC 2:3 (1:1)

Peninsula Aztecs – Meadowlands FC Women 2:3 (1:1)
Goals: 1:0 Tori Capestro ’16, 1:1 Jennifer Blackman ’32, 2:1 Tori Capestro ’51, 2:2 Natalia Diaz ’78, 2:3 Veronica Iozzi ’88
Yellow Cards: Jessica Fuccello – Kyarah Foushee
Peninsula Aztecs: Capestro, Chait, Covelski, Fucello, Joy, King, Lacorte, Loffredo, Masucci, McKee, O’Conner, Pfister, Shaughnessy, Steadman, Troutman
Meadowlands FC Women: Canning, Seidenfeld, Glover, Blackman, Goncalves Kristen, Selnek, Diaz, Rodgriguez, Foushee, Iozzi, Goncalves Kaitlin
Referees: Bartek Cieslak (Robert Tzetzos, Bernard Formal)

2018 NJSA Women’s State Cup Final.
What a game this was! Meadowlands FC, playing with 10 players for almost the entire…

Posted by Garden State Soccer League on Friday, June 8, 2018