7 GSSL teams reached the NJSA State Cup finals

We are proud to announce that seven out of eight teams that reached the finals of the NJSA State Cups are representatives of the Garden State Soccer League.

In the Men’s Open Cup the current champions Empire United will face FC Motown Celtics. In the Women’s Open up Peninsula Aztecs will go into the battle against the women’s team of Meadowlands FC. In the O-30 Cup Minas F.C. will play the North Jersey Soccer League team – Scots American O-30. The O-40 Cup draw together Old Bridge United and Roma S.C. O-40.

The games will be played by end-of-May / beginning of June

Congratulations to all GSSL teams for reaching the finals of the New Jersey Soccer Association State Cups:

Posted by Garden State Soccer League on Wednesday, May 23, 2018