Great entertainment at the Athenia Complex

Sport Club Portuguese needed a win and hope playoff spot falls their way
Clifton Elite are already in the playoffs

CLIFTON, NJ – Due to unforeseen circumstances the game kick-off time was moved to 9:40 pm. But once the referee blow the whistle to start the game all the troubles and issues with the Athenia Complex authorities have been put aside and both teams showed on Monday that they mean business.

Sport Club Portuguese took an early lead after been awarded a penalty kick in the 4th minute of the game. The executor Romulo Ferreira gave no chance to Clifton’s Ryan Linder.

The home team now angered due to that early hit started to play faster and more physical, while the visitors game plan was to sit back and absorb the pressure, then use their ability to break on the counter whenever possible. One of those attacks caught the home team by surprise and only a tactical foul by Amine Zaouia was able to safe the team from conceding another goal.

The first half became at some point very physical and emotions went high. This resulted in yellow cards shown to players from both teams as well as one coach dismissal. Clifton Elite’s manager was expelled from the technical area after a misbehavior towards the opposing players and the referee crew. The fire and furry of the players and team officials came as a great entertainment for the supporters, who showed up that night at the Athenia Complex.

Second half, equally entertaining started as expected. Clifton Elite kept the most of the possession of the ball, but failed to find that final touch. Most of it due to an incredible effort by SCP’s goalkeeper, Rafal Krauze who brought some magic with him that prevented the opponents to beat him that night.

The visitors tried to delay the game whenever possible to defend their lead, which resulted in a total of 5 minutes of additional time to be added to the game by the referee.

In the dying minutes of the game only a miracle saved the Portuguese team from conceding a goal. Shot after shots towards their goal was either blocked by the goalkeeper or a defender. And as the referee’s final whistle has blown, the visitors could celebrate a hard battled win against the Super Division newcomers from Clifton.

Sport Club Portuguese will now face Jersey Shore Boca Juniors on Friday at the Ironbound field in Newark, NJ while the Clifton Elite team will have to travel to Jersey City where they will face on Wednesday Conquistador FC at the Caven Point.